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Many of you probably know Jesse James from his reality TV background on shows like Motorcycle Mania and Monster Garage. Long before he was involved with TV, Jesse founded West Coast Choppers, a custom bike and car shop. As is true with any shop, they are completely reliant on compressed air. Their CNC machine needs air to turn on. A lot of his tools and machinery have pneumatic heads on them. They can’t sand, paint or metal finish cars without an air supply. Outside of electricity, not having compressed air is one of the only things that can completely shut down his shop.

After the first time Jesse’s air compressor motor smoked, he found out that there wasn’t a supplier of that motor in the USA. He had to find a motor himself that was a close enough fit so that he could modify it to fit his compressor. After three more times of this same thing happening, Jesse was fed up and was looking for a new compressor supplier.

Rogers Machinery was quick to respond to this need and help find a solution that was more reliable and could meet his specific application needs. In the end it was decided that an all in one package that included a compressor, tank and dryer would be best. Rogers Machinery supplied a Rogers KI Series 15 horsepower lubricated rotary screw air compressor and dryer mounted on a 120 gallon receiver tank. Rogers also enlisted the help of Applied System Technologies to set Jesse up with an air piping system. Since installation, Jesse said, “I think if you are like a real shop and have a real genuine need for an air supply, do your homework on customer service, quality, made in USA product, and I think the choice is pretty obvious with Rogers”.

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