Unequaled Service and Support

Out in Houston, Texas, Joey Camilleri, a Sales Application Engineer at Rogers Machinery, walked into a LabCorp facility to see if there was anything they needed help with. After seeing the Kobelco KNW Series logo on Joey’s shirt, Robert Hardaway, Facilities & Procurement Manager at LabCorp, invited him in. He brought Joey over to their two Kobelco KNW Series oil-free air compressors and explained how for the past few years alarms would go off on them almost every day. Their existing service company would blame this on “ghost faults” and ignore the problem. Before parting ways, Robert explained to Joey how they were locked into a long term service contract with their current service provider, which meant that a possible partnership with Rogers Machinery would have to wait.

A few weeks later, Joey received a call at 3am from Robert saying that LabCorp’s compressor system was down and they needed repair work done immediately. LabCorp processes patient specimens for a broad range of customers, which is a critical application that requires air. Their customers include managed care organizations, bio-pharmaceutical companies, governmental agencies, physicians and other healthcare providers, hospitals and health systems, employers, patients and consumers, contract research organizations and independent clinical laboratories. Down time was not an option for them because lab results need to be delivered the next day so that people can make lifesaving decisions. They had tried contacting two other compressor companies, including their current provider, but Rogers Machinery was the first to answer.

Within two hours of the call, the Rogers Machinery technician, Ryan Denton, had their compressors up and running again. The VFD fans had went out, which caused the compressors shut down due to the high temperature. On top of that, Joey noticed that there was no line reactor, so they did an amp reading on the incoming power and it was all over the place. The parts were ordered overnight and installed the next day. Since then, their Kobelco KNW Series compressors have been fault-free and alarm-free. Instead of worrying about maintaining their air compressors, they have been able to focus their attention on other important areas of their business. They now rely on Rogers for 24/7 support, because they are not willing to risk down time of their compressed air system.

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