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Dan Herres, maintenance manager, knew his air system could be improved and invited Rogers Machinery Company to review his operations. Data loggers were connected to gather information over a typical two (2) week period. After data collection, experts from Rogers presented the information and pointed out what was working and what was using too much energy.  Armed with this information three (3) options or Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs) were prepared each with;

  1. Annual energy savings
  2. Implementation Costs
  3. Utility Incentives
  4. Simple Payback.

Nelson Irrigation chose to proceed with compressor and dryer upgrades combined with automation controls to increase part load efficiency of the total system. Once installed Rogers returned and again connected data collection equipment to fine tune the controls, educated the system owner and prove the savings.

Company Profile

Nelson Irrigation of Walla Walla, Washington, is a major manufacturer of irrigation equipment.  Products included domestic sprinkler heads clear up to large centerpoint guns.


  • Energy Savings of over 500,000 kWh annually
  • Electrical cost savings of $15,000 annually
  • Simple payback of less than one year
  • Reliable, clean compressed air


Incentives provided by PacifiCorp under their FinAnswer Program provided the extra push to move the project forward.

“Without the incentives in today’s economic climate we would have delayed this project for several years,” Dan remarked. “We are always improving our products, perfecting our manufacturing process and reducing waste to remain competitive in a world economy.”

Incentives provided approximately 50% of the implementation costs which reduced the simple payback from 3.2 to 1.6 years.  A return on investment upper management thought was worthy.

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