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Choose from a large selection of industrial blowers, including industrial centrifugal blowers, ring compressor blowers, high-pressure blowers, and positive displacement blowers. Choose Rogers Machinery for high-quality brands like Aerzen, Busch, and Paxton for industrial air blowers that best meet your facility’s needs.

Market-Leading Industrial Blower Brands

When it comes to industrial air blowers, Rogers Machinery manufactures high-quality, reputable equipment for any application. We also carry brands made by the top blower manufacturers:

Aerzen Blowers
Busch Blowers
Paxton Products Blowers

Industrial Blowers for Industries Like Yours

We sell industrial blowers and fans that address production applications in many industries, including:


High Performance Blower Technology That Meets Your Requirements

Our product lines are known for their top quality, reliability and performance – even in the most challenging process applications. Depending on your operation’s needs, you can choose from a range of industrial blowers and fans:

  • Industrial centrifugal blowers
  • High-pressure blowers
  • Industrial air blowers
  • Positive displacement blowers