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Oil-Free, Risk Free

Kobelco KNW Series rotary screw compressors deliver 100% oil-free air for your critical applications. Oil-free air allows you to produce the highest quality products, lower your costs and protect your employees and the environment. Kobelco KNW Series compressors are the logical choice.

"Class Zero Oil-Free Air"

All models meet ISO 8573-1 Class 0 for oil aerosol, liquid, vapor and silicone. Learn more about why people are choosing to go oil-free!

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Kobelco KNW Series are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested to be the longest lasting and most energy efficient oil-free rotary screw compressors in the world.

People Choose Us When

  • They want the freedom to customize a solution that works for their specific requirements.
  • They are looking for a compressor that will be reliable and has a proven history of performing in the most difficult of applications.
  • Local manufacturing and support are important to them.
  • They are looking for ways to save energy in their facility.

Industries Served

  • Food & Beverage: Oil-free air prevents contamination of product due to compressor lubricant carry over.
  • BioTech: Oil-free air prevents contamination of live cells.
  • Automotive: Oil-free air required for painting, air tools, transport systems and component testing.
  • Aerospace: Oil-free air required for component manufacturing, testing and painting.
  • Electronics: Oil-free air provides a sterile manufacturing environment and prevents product rejection of circuit boards, wafers, memory chips, LCD and others.
  • Hospital: Oil-free air required per NFPA99 for medical air use. Also used for HVAC controls, labs and laundry requirements.
  • Medical Products: Oil-free air is required to prevent product contamination during manufacturing or packaging.
  • Petrochemical: Oil-free air is used for critical instrument air requirements. Compressors can be provided for classified areas such as Class 1, Div 2.
  • Power Generation: Oil-free air is used for critical instrument air requirements for fossil, nuclear and renewable facilities.
  • Pharmaceutical: Oil-free air provides high purity air during mixing, tablet coating aeration and packaging to prevent product contamination.
  • Rental: We provide special packages for the rental market to meet demands of customers that have temporary or emergency needs for clean dry air.
  • University: Oil-free air is needed for critical systems such as HVAC and lab air.
  • Chemical:Oil-free air is required for process air to prevent product contamination. Also, as control air for valves and cylinder operation.
  • Packaging: Oil-free air prevents contamination of cans, bottles and packaging made for food and beverage items. This includes blow molding.
  • Steel Making: Oil-free air is required for pneumatic cylinders, blowing and spray guns.