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Protect your vacuum pumps from contaminants with our top-market industrial vacuum pump filters. We offer a range of heavy-duty devices manufactured by Solberg, Busch and Industrial Filter Manufactures — an industry leader in high-quality filtration. Our vacuum filters meet a range of facility needs and can improve the performance and longevity of your industrial vacuum pumps.

Solberg Industrial Vacuum Pump Filters

For several decades, Solberg has been a respected name in vacuum pump filters. Solberg industrial vacuum filters offers solutions for your facility’s vacuum process filtration and separation needs. We maintain a Solberg filtration inventory of the most popular models.

Industrial Vacuum Pump Filters for Industries Like Yours

Vacuum pump filters are critical to safe, high-quality operations in many of the essential industries we serve:


Industrial Vacuum Pump Filtration Technology That Meets Your Requirements

Industrial vacuum pump filters are critical in preventing harmful liquids and particulates from contaminating your vacuum pumps. We sell vacuum filters that eliminate large objects from entering the air stream, clean your filters, monitor leak rates, meet demanding filtration standards, and protect pumps from damage. The advanced technology of our products includes these models:

  • Multi-stage liquid and particulate separators
  • Centrifugal force-designed pre-cleaners
  • Float capsules
  • Reverse-pulse, pressurized air
  • 100% helium link-tested housing
  • Inline, right-angle vacuum filters
  • Pressure-drop performance