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Compressed Air Systems for Manufacturing & Automotive Applications

Rogers Machinery provides reliable compressed air systems for manufacturing & automotive industries. Rogers offers proven solutions and support for the full range of manufacturing & automotive applications, as well as energy audits to develop clean, efficient processes that satisfy the standards of these industries.

Successful Manufacturing & Automotive Projects


Read some of those customer's success stories from the manufacturing and automotive industry.

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Considerations for Manufacturing & Automotive Compressed Air Solutions

With increasing energy costs, manufacturing & automotive businesses are often challenged to create more efficient processes to remain competitive. Compressed air systems can provide a way to reduce waste and energy use, helping to cut costs at the same time. An operational review of compressed air usage can reveal ways to reduce energy use and operating expenses at the same time.

The automotive industry encompasses automotive manufacturers, repair shops, and related automotive businesses. Each application has its own needs for reliable compressed air, but they have one thing in common – all rely heavily on it. Mechanics in automotive shops often use intermittent compressed air for pneumatic tools, while collision services are heavy users of compressed air for sanding, painting, and metal finishing processes. Automotive assembly requires compressed air at every stage. Compressed air systems must accommodate extreme flow demands if needed, yet perform reliably with minimal variation.

In manufacturing, compressed air driven machines of all kinds are used. In cases where the air flow comes into direct contact with products, oil-free compressed air may be needed. Pure compressed air helps maintain product integrity for sensitive products and keeps machines contaminant free.

In manufacturing & automotive industries, having the right air pressure and volume is critical. Reliable compressed air systems that are sized to meet the demands of the process provide savings and efficiency.

Highlighted Content


Davis Tool Avoids Downtime with Custom Compressed Air and Dryer Solution

When Davis Tool’s air compressor went down threatening the production of their anodizing facility, Rogers provided a complimentary rental while their custom compressed air and dryer system was built.


Lessons Learned in Rebar Steel Mill Compressed Air System Project

Upgrading a compressed air system project for a rebar minimill is not a simple project. The right team is key to success. Real system upgrades require a real team that maps to the real organization and the plant’s real technical challenges.


Rogers KNW Series compressors provide versatile oil free air for the manufacturing & automotive industry. The Rogers K Series of lubricated rotary screw compressors and vacuum pumps offer reliability and performance for these applications as well. In addition, Rogers Machinery provides solutions for the manufacturing & automotive industry from a number of leading brands that specialize in compressed air, vacuum, and pumping for manufacturing & automotive applications.

  • Busch vacuum pumps, side channel blowers and compressors bring energy efficient vacuum supply to coating processes and to holding and lifting.
  • Viking pumps are specialized for processing manufacturing & automotive materials as diverse as heat transfer liquids, paint, lube oil and adhesives.
  • Zeks air treatment products include air dryers and cooling source dryers for clean, dry compressed air with and without refrigeration for the manufacturing & automotive industry.
  • SPX Flow's technology provides products - Filters and Mist Eliminators - for air filtration and treatment in manufacturing and automotive applications.
  • Hankison air dryers are employed in point-of-use with oil-lubricated compressors to produce oil-free air suitable for equipment or product finishing applications that require tempered conditions.
  • Powerexoil-free scroll compressors and vacuum systems provide class zero certified oil-less air for manufacturing & automotive applications.
  • FS Elliott centrifugal compressors deliver reliable, low maintenance compressed air solutions for manufacturing & automotive applications.
  • SIHI liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors are used for manufacturing and automotive applications.
  • Parker nitrogen generation products are used for processes as diverse as tire inflation, factory automation, and laser cutting.
  • Paxton Products provides nozzles, manifolds, and air knives to eliminate static and clean metal parts before coating or painting, to blow off metal shavings or dust, to clean and dry conveyors, or to hold down metal sheets by vacuum.


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