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Our robust, American-made air compressors and vacuum pumps lead the industry in longevity and durability. You’ll be impressed with our large selection of efficient and reliable compressed air system products. We guarantee it!

Find out why our premium-quality systems are the most dependable on the market.

No cookie-cutter systems here. We have a large selection of products and the flexibility to create highly customized systems. Rogers Machinery serves a wide variety of industries and facilities – including ones like yours.

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We call the Pacific Northwest home, but we serve many domestic and international customers. Our reputation precedes us wherever we go, and we meet our customers wherever they are.

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Rogers started as a locally grown, family-owned business, building air compressor solutions right here in the USA, and has been for over 70 years.

We are proud to be a locally grown and American made company.

Rogers Machinery Customer Reviews & Testimonials  

We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service and highest quality products to all our customers. Read our industrial air compressor, vacuum and pump system customer reviews and testimonials. Want to leave your own review? Share your review here:

"…We've been dealing with a cobbled together compressor solution for a couple years, we didn't have time to go through and do the fix, so it was just made to work. ‘technician 1’ shows up and not only gets our wiring dialed correctly, but he rebuilt the blowdown valve on the tailgate of his work truck, and had the compressor running perfectly in only a couple hours. Unfortunately our happiness wasn't meant to last, we were relocating the compressor and it ended up being tipped over and damaged. But wait, we found an almost identical compressor and wouldn't you know it, it also needed some work. That's where ‘technician 2’ comes in. He walked us through the rewire on the phone, and we now, once again, have a functional compressor. He was patient and thorough and knowledgeable. Thank you for your very reasonably priced, fast, thorough service. You guys are the easiest maintenance outfit I've ever dealt with by a country mile." – Matt, Western Washington Customer

“Purchased a compressed air dryer along with coalescing filter. Ryan the sales rep gave amazing service and really took care of us. From the exploratory phase to follow-up after installation, they were there with us the whole way. The prices were good, their product offering deep, and service amazing.”

"Used Rogers Machinery in the past and they had great service so when I was in a bind this time they were the first ones I thought of. And again they did a fantastic job."

“Quality products that are really built to last. You can tell this company takes pride in what they do."

“Having Rogers Machinery as a service provider has been a pleasant experience. Representatives from Rogers Machinery have been extremely responsive, prompt, and reliable in executing the repair needs for our facility. Compressed air is critical to the function of every single process of our facility, so fixing this area of our utility system was a high priority. It was refreshing to see Rogers Machinery tackling our issues with great urgency.”

“When it comes to the best in compressed air I would absolutely say Rogers Machinery is at the top of that list. The customer service they provide is far superior over their competitors. If you are in need of an air compressor I would call Rogers.” - Joey Camilleri


“Great company, they can handle all your compressed air needs. Very friendly and great customer service.” - Peter 

Used Rogers Machinery in the past and they had great service so when I was in a bind this time they were the first ones I thought of. And again they did a fantastic job. Thanks Mark Ferguson” - Austin 

“Very sharp personnel. When it comes to Compressed Air Rogers is by far the Best!!!” - Ryan

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