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Compressed Air Systems for Municipalities

Rogers Machinery offers compressed air solutions specially designed for municipalities. With decades of experience in compressed air systems, pumps, blowers, and vacuum solutions, Rogers can assist municipalities to develop reliable compressed air systems for the full range of municipal applications. These solutions form a critical component of clean, efficient processes that satisfy regulations related to public health and safety.

Successful Water Treatment Projects


Oil-free Air Compressors


Lubricated Air Compressors



Considerations for Municipal Compressed Air Solutions

Municipalities entrusted with public water supply require trusted compressed air solutions to ensure both the efficiency and reliability of water and wastewater treatment plants. Systems that can deliver a steady and reliable source of oxygen-rich compressed air with minimal downtime are essential to these processes.

Municipalities protect the safety of both the environment and the community by ensuring safe water supplies. The right municipal low-pressure/high-velocity compressed air solutions can improve the energy efficiency of blower systems as well as reducing environmental impact. Since the majority of energy used in wastewater treatment is consumed by blower systems, highly efficient oil-free blowers can greatly reduce power consumption. At the same time, ISO certified blowers can ensure oil-free compressed air to prevent pollution of air and purified drinking water.

In wastewater treatment, municipalities are responsible for ensuring oxygen rich compressed air to maintain the plant’s biological processes. All of these processes require oxygen for successful water purification. Compressed air is essential to wastewater treatment applications like backwashing sand filtration, desalination, and digestion tank cleaning and maintenance. An energy efficient compressed air solution that ensures extended periods of low maintenance can greatly reduce lifecycle costs to municipalities. Compressed air solutions sized to meet the demands of the process are an essential component in maintaining a safe and efficient municipal water supply.

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Increase the Energy Efficiency of your Compressed Air System

Compressed air is useful for many reasons; however, it is expensive to produce. The total cost of ownership should be a factor when dealing with a compressed air system.


Why Oil-Free Air?

There is an old adage which is also a law of physics; what goes in will eventually come out. This applies to compressor lubricant in oil-flooded rotary screw compressors.


Rogers KNW Series compressors provide versatile oil free air for municipalities. The Rogers K Series of lubricated rotary screw compressors and vacuum pumps offer reliability and performance for municipal applications as well. In addition, Rogers Machinery provides solutions for municipalities from a number of leading brands that specialize in compressed air, vacuum, and pumping for municipal applications.

  • Pneumatic Products offers dessicant compressed air dryers (including heated and refrigerated solutions) to protect processes and pneumatic equipment from moisture often present in compressed air systems.
  • Busch vacuum pumps, side channel blowers and compressors can be used to provide aeration with overpressure for sludge tanks.
  • Viking Pump specializes pumps for municipal applications including water, wastewater, and shear and heat sensitive liquids like water treatment polymer.
  • Zeks air treatment products for municipalities include air dryers and cooling source dryers for clean, dry compressed air with and without refrigeration.
  • SPX’s flow technology provides products - Filters and Mist Eliminators - for air filtration and treatment in municipal applications.
  • Hankison air dryers are employed in point-of-use with oil-lubricated compressors to produce oil-free air suitable for municipal equipment and processes.
  • Aerzen blowers and compressors enable cost-effective aeration solutions for wastewater treatment plants.


Explore Rogers Machinery’s compressed air and vacuum solutions for municipalities.