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Let Rogers Help Your Plant Run More Efficiently And Reduce Plant Air Costs

We have a dedicated Rogers Machinery Compressed Air System Audit and Consulting Group that is made up of leaders in air compressor energy efficiency with hundreds of successful energy-saving audits under its belt. Let us show you how our compressed air system services can help you measure and manage your compressed air cost.

Compressed Air System Services To Optimize Your Plant Systems

Your facility has unique compressed air system and operational needs that are specific to your products, sales goals, and business model. Rogers Machinery Compressed Air System Audit and Consulting Group can quickly determine how to most efficiently and effectively meet those needs.

When we evaluate a plant, we establish an operational baseline to measure proposed enhancements. From there, we’ll identify where cost-effective changes can be made and calculate your benefits. Our air system services include the following types of audits, as well as other options that will help uncover unique opportunities for improved efficiency:

  • Supply-side audits
  • Distribution system audits
  • Vacuum system audits
  • Comprehensive plant compressed air audits
  • Dew point monitoring
  • Air leak audits
  • Verification and commissioning
  • System re-commissioning
  • Education and training

Energy Costs & Your Air Compressors

Are you looking for a way to drastically impact the total cost of using compressed air in your facility?
We’ve helped many businesses uncover energy costs savings. Our client Fujimi is a great example of the efficiencies that can be achieved as a result of our air system services. After receiving an audit and using our air consulting services, Fujimi was able to achieve energy savings of more than 500,000 kWh annually. They worked with us to implement an oil-free compressed air system that included three Kobelco KNW Series air compressors. Plus, we helped Fujimi receive energy incentives, which allowed for a simple payback on the project. You can read more about their success here.


With us, you’ll have access to a wealth of auditing experience and industry knowledge: Find out more about our experience and the services we offer, by reviewing our Compressed Air Systems Auditing & Consulting Brochure.

Your Plant. Our Compressed Air Expertise.

Our air compressor audits, vacuum system audits, air distribution audits, and range of air system services can result in significant incentives for your energy-saving upgrades.

Let us quickly determine your plant’s air system and operational needs so that you can increase your compressed air cost savings like never before.

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