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Compressed Air for High Tech, Electronics & Aerospace

Rogers Machinery offers effective solutions for high tech, electronics & aerospace industries. Rogers assists high tech, electronics & aerospace partners with developing clean, efficient process that satisfy the compressed air needs of each industry.

Successful High Tech, Electronics & Aerospace Projects


Read some of those customer's success stories from the high tech, electronics and aerospace industry.

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Considerations for High Tech, Electronics & Aerospace Compressed Air Solutions

Demanding industries like high tech, electronics, and aerospace share a need for reliable, clean compressed air for sensitive applications. With critical processes and equipment, consistent oil-free compressed air protects equipment and components, and requires a minimum of maintenance.

The aerospace industry relies on compressed air for applications ranging from wing structural testing to bench testing. Wind tunnels and turbine testing require air compressors with a variety of pressure and flow specifications. Safety and reliability are key throughout the industry, and reliable compressed air is no exception.

Oil free compressed air also enables high tech electronics applications. Fabrication of electronic devices requires controlled, oil-free compressed air for delicate processes like surface mounting technology, de-soldering, and test equipment. Printed circuit board (PCB) cleaning requires non-abrasive and low impact methods using compressed air to blow boards clean after production. Robotic pick and place equipment uses compressed air to place electronic components with speed and precision. In fact, in many high tech operations, compressed air is used to electronically convey equipment or operate sensitive valves.

When compressed air is used in these high tech environments, usually it’s oil-free compressed air. For sensitive equipment, oil contamination can mean an expensive maintenance project or a complete production shutdown. For highly sensitive electronics applications, systems that produce ISO 8573-1 class 0 oil-free air may be required.

The high quality requirements of the high tech, electronics, and aerospace industries demand reliable compressed air for sensitive applications.

Highlighted Content

High-Tech Electronics Customer Gets A 'Boost' To Vacuum Performance Saving Over $200K In Energy & Water Costs

A electronics manufacturer in New Mexico PVAC's were not able to meet the plants demand, so they contacted the team at Rogers Machinery. We equipped them with 4 Rogers Vacuum Systems that lead to a "boost" to vacuum performance saving over $200K In Energy & Water Costs!


Supporting Customers Internationally With Engineered System Solutions

When a high-tech electronics customer came to us for a vacuum system solution at their Ireland plant, we took on the unique and challenging project taking steps to ensure the system met EU standards without sacrificing performance.


Rogers KNW Series compressors provide versatile oil free air for the high tech, electronics & aerospace industry. In addition, Rogers Machinery provides solutions for the high tech, electronics & aerospace industry from a number of leading brands that specialize in compressed air, vacuum, and pumping for high tech, electronics & aerospace applications.

  • Busch vacuum pumps, side channel blowers and compressors bring energy efficient vacuum supply to applications like lamination for flat panel displays and solar panels as well as pick and place for production lines.
  • SPX Flow's technology provides products – Filters and Mist Eliminators – to help preserve compressed air equipment used in high tech, electronics & aerospace processes.
  • FS Elliott centrifugal compressors deliver Class 0 oil-free air to eliminate the risk of oil contamination for applications like PC board cleaning that require clean room conditions.
  • Parker nitrogen generation products provide high purity nitrogen for electronics soldering as well as filtration, electromechanical, and pneumatics applications in the aerospace industry.


Explore Rogers Machinery’s compressed air solutions for high tech, electronics & aerospace applications.