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Compressed Air and Vacuum Systems for Wood & Paper Products

Rogers Machinery provides a wide selection of compressed air and vacuum systems for the wood and paper products industries. Through reliable products and experienced service, Rogers partners with wood and paper products manufacturers to develop efficient processes for a demanding industry.

Successful Wood & Paper Products Projects


Read some of those customer's success stories from the wood and paper products industry.

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Considerations for Wood & Paper Products Compressed Air & Vacuum Systems

Manufacturing wood products require compressed air for essential functions like cleaning equipment and running pneumatic power tools consistently and efficiently. Vacuum systems are often the most effective means of drying wood, and vacuum pumps hold sheets of wood in place for CNC router cutting tables. Wherever wood products are manufactured, consistent compressed air and vacuum systems are needed.

Paper products manufacturing is equally reliant on compressed air, vacuum systems, and blowers. Compressed air is used at all stages for processes like adjusting paper rollers, feeding presses, cutting, pressing, and spraying protective coatings. Oil-free air compressors are often specified to produce high quality, contaminant free paper.

Demanding production schedules in the paper products industry mean that facilities are often processing 24/7. Compressed air solutions often need to be tailored to reduce operating temperatures, control moisture, and reduce energy usage. These challenging environments require reliable compressed air equipment to operate plants efficiently without downtime.

Vacuum systems can speed the drying process for both wood and paper products. Vacuum enhances evaporation by lowering pressure and reducing the boiling point of water, which speeds evaporation. As a result, porous materials like pulp, paper, and wood can dry faster without application of direct heat. Adding vacuum systems to the process results in faster drying times and reduced energy consumption.

Highlighted Content

Woodcraft Industries – Saving Energy

Woodcraft Industries in Molalla, Oregon was able to save over $5,300 annually by implementing a new KRVP Series rotary screw vacuum pump with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).


Success Story: Independent Printing

Independent Printing was able to get energy savings of over 62,500 kWh annually, electrical cost savings of $3,800 annually and a simple payback of just under two years through the implementation of a reliable, clean compressed air system.


Rogers KNW Series compressors provide versatile oil free air for the wood & paper products industry. The Rogers K Series of lubricated rotary screw compressors and vacuum pumps offer reliability and performance for these applications as well. In addition, Rogers Machinery provides solutions for the wood & paper products industry from a number of leading brands that specialize in compressed air, vacuum, and pumping for wood & paper products applications.

  • Busch vacuum pumps, side channel blowers and compressors bring energy efficient vacuum supply to applications like veneer pressing as well as holding and lifting component parts in automated furniture manufacturing or in printing.
  • Viking pumps are specialized for processing wood & paper products materials including glycol.
  • Zeks air treatment products include air dryers and cooling source dryers for clean, dry compressed air for the wood & paper products industry.
  • SPX Flow's technology provides products – Filters and Mist Eliminators – to help preserve compressed air equipment used in wood & paper products processes.
  • Hankison air dryers help use compressed air to pulp paper products.
  • Powerex oil-free scroll compressors and vacuum systems provide class zero certified oil-less air for wood & paper products applications.
  • FS Elliott centrifugal compressors deliver Class 0 oil-free air to eliminate the risk of oil contamination in wood & paper products applications.
  • SIHI liquid ring vacuum pumps are used for the vacuum handling of paper and folding.
  • Parker nitrogen generation products provide solutions for laser cutting wood and for electromechanical and process control applications in pulp and paper.
  • Paxton Products provides nozzles, manifolds, and air knives to hold down wood products by vacuum or blow off wood shavings or dust.


Explore Rogers Machinery’s compressed air solutions for wood & paper products applications.