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Rogers Machinery offers rentals on air compressors, air dryers, vacuum pumps and more. Whether you are in an industry with high seasonality or you have a breakdown of an existing machine, let us supply you with rental machinery equipment to meet your production requirements.

Compressed Air Equipment Rental Benefits

Why Rent ? Consider these top 10 reasons to rent your next compressed air system.

  • No capital expenditure required
  • Seasonal need to increase capacity without long term commitment – great for agricultural usages like wineries and harvesting
  • Provides emergency capacity or breakdown coverage
  • Low/no maintenance concerns
  • Expand your production quickly
  • Fast delivery and startup from Rogers Machinery experts
  • Can apply 15-20% of your rental fees towards future purchase
  • Try before you buy with little risk
  • High performance equipment
  • Operator training and manuals

  • Sunbelt offers this - Rental Protection Plan (RPP) is an extended plan, for you or your company, to offset possible damages or theft that may occur during the equipment rental period. While RPP is completely optional, it is recommended to maximize your total protection while renting equipment. RPP can also cover gaps in your insurance coverage such as when the loss is within your insurance deductible or when the loss is greater than the deductible, but not large enough to file a claim. The actual terms of the Rental Protection Plan are outlined in the rental contract.

    • 1/4 to 350 HP
    • Oil-Free and Oil-Lubricated
    • Rotary Screw and Reciprocating
    • Refrigerated
    • Heatless Dual Tower
    • Heated Dual Tower
    • 1" x 25"
    • 2" x 25"
    • 3" x 25"

    Vacuum Pump Rentals


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