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Pneumatic Products Parts & Repair Service | CA, ID, MT, OR, TX, UT, WA

Rogers Machinery, a platinum level Pneumatic Products distributor in the Northwest, provides Pneumatic Products compressed air dryers in California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington. Rogers Machinery has been offering expertise with Pneumatic Products, as well as Pneumatic Products parts & service, since 1996.

Pneumatic Products has a history as a global leader in desiccant drying systems since 1946. Now a part of SPX FLOW, Pneumatic Products manufactures equipment designed to maintain uptime, enhance service life of equipment, and protect people and factories.

Pneumatic Products Product Line Overview

Rogers Machinery provides expert knowledge and selection assistance for Pneumatic Products’ line of engineered industrial gas purification equipment. Pneumatic Products compressed air dryers help to produce compressed air reserves that are free from unwanted moisture and contaminants. Pneumatic Products distributor Rogers Machinery has the knowledge to help you find the right solution for your needs.


Pneumatic Products Compressed Air Dryers

Pneumatic Products manufactures a variety of dryer technologies for your unique application. Desiccant air dryers include heatless, externally heated, exhaust heated, internally heated, and heat of compression models

Heatless Pressure Swing Compressed Air Dryers (DHA/CHA/CDA Series)

Heatless pressure swing dryers use downflow drying to take advantage of the heat of adsorption.

  • DHA and CDA Series dryers are heatless modular desiccant air dryers for hostile environments like extreme low temperature. These dryers are suitable for corrosive, toxic, or explosive environments.
  • CHA Series heat-les desiccant air dryers for large flow applications are both reliable and energy efficient. They are available for flows ranging from 1,800 to 12,100 scfm, pressures from 60 to 150 psig, and pressure dew points of -40°F to -100°F.

Externally Heated Blower (IBP/CAB Series)

Externally heated blowers use ambient air for regeneration, so no process gas is lost to purge.

  • CAB series blower regenerated dryers for large flow applications are designed for flows ranging from 1,200 to 13,000 scfm, pressures from 60 to 150 psig, and pressure dew points of -40°F to -100°F.
  • IBP series blower purge industrial air dryers deliver 100% full supply-side compressor capacity, and are available for flows ranging from 500 to 4,300 scfm.

Exhaust Heated Purge Compressed Air Dryers (PHD Series)

Externally heated industrial air dryers like the PHD series are designed for applications that require seasonal protection against freezing. During winter, standard models provide ISO 8573.1 Class 2 (-40°C/-40°F) dew points to protect usage points from freezing. During summer, standard models provide Class 3 (-20°C/ -4°F) dew points to keep air systems dry.

Internally Heated Compressed Air Dryers (DEA Series)

DEA Series internally heated dryers use a downflow drying process. These exceptionally energy efficient dryers use 2% process gas for purge. They are available for flows ranging from 100 to 4,900 scfm.

Heat of Compression Desiccant Air Dryers (NRG Series)

NRG Series heat of compression desiccant air dryers use thermal energy generated during air compression to regenerate the off-line desiccant bed. These dryers are generally used with oil-free compressors to turn waste heat into energy savings, with minimal power required.

Pneumatic Products Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers

Efficient refrigerated compressed air dryers are designed with digital scroll compressors to match electrical power consumption to incoming air demand. They feature:

  • Modular multi-station design to construct the desired flow
  • Complete module isolation so maintenance on one module does not interrupt air supply
  • Integral high-performance filtration in every module
  • Redundancy in critical components to ensure uninterrupted air supply

Pneumatic Products


Pneumatic Products Parts

With multiple locations throughout the Northwest, Rogers Machinery offers convenient local Pneumatic Products parts and service. We offer genuine Pneumatic Products parts and accessories for both regular maintenance and repair needs.

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Pneumatic Products Repair Service

Whether for regular maintenance or repair, we are factory trained and authorized to perform Pneumatic Products repair service locally for your convenience. Our highly qualified in-house technicians use Pneumatic Products parts to keep your Pneumatic Products compressed air dryers operating at their highest efficiency. Contact Rogers Machinery for any Pneumatic Products repair needs.

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Pneumatic Products Applications and Industries

Pneumatic Products solutions are used in a variety of industries including:



Chemical Process Technology




Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Pulp pager processing

Pulp pager processing




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