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Paxton Products Distributor | CA, GA, ID, MT, OR, TX, UT, WA

Rogers Machinery, your Paxton distributor in the Northwest, offers expertise with Paxton Products, as well as Paxton parts & service. Rogers Machinery engineers have been providing Paxton Products’ line of air delivery devices and blowers in California, Georgia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington since 2016.

Paxton Products got its start 1937, with the development of the first belt-driven supercharger. Since that time, the company has leveraged their air compression expertise to develop centrifugal blowers for commercial and industrial applications, along with many blower innovations. Paxton Products is now a global leader in centrifugal blowers, air knives, and air flow systems.

Paxton Products Line Overview

Rogers Machinery provides expert knowledge and selection assistance for Paxton Products’ portfolio of blow-off and drying systems. Paxton Products offers a range of drying, blow off, and air rinsing solutions specializing in air delivery devices and centrifugal blowers, as well as dryer systems, ionized air systems, enclosures, and accessories. As a Paxton Products distributor, Rogers Machinery has the knowledge to help you find the right solution for your precise application.


Air Delivery Devices

Paxton designs and manufactures specialized air delivery devices tailored for unique drying and blow off processes. Air nozzles and air jets are arranged to target the exact right surfaces based on air delivery needs.

  • Air knives, available in stainless steel or aluminum, are designed for high velocity blow off and drying.
  • Nozzle manifolds accommodate a long distance between the air source and the surface to be dried or blown.
  • CapDryer bottle dryer systems efficiently dry bottle necks and lids.
  • CanDryer devices are all-in-one manifolds to improve can drying.
  • Inline Manifold dryers offer thorough drying for tops of cans and containers.
  • Spyder Manifold dryers incorporate both air nozzles and flexible arms for targeted drying.
  • Air Halos have powerful nozzles designed for drying large, irregularly shaped products on a conveyor system.
  • UNO nozzles deliver targeted airflow remote from a larger air delivery device
Air Delivery Devices

PX Series Centrifugal Blowers

Paxton’s highly efficient centrifugal blowers are designed for drying, blow off, air rinsing, process air and vacuum applications. They offer a replacement for compressed air blow off and less efficient squirrel cage and regenerative blowers. Paxton centrifugal blowers are:

  • Available in 3 hp to 20 hp
  • 200-1500 CFM
  • Belt driven
  • Low maintenance


Paxton Products


Paxton Products Parts

Rogers Machinery has multiple locations throughout the Northwest offering Paxton parts and service. We stock an inventory of genuine Paxton Products parts and accessories for regular maintenance and repair needs. Using genuine Paxton parts maintains warranty and maintains optimal performance as well.

Look to Rogers Machinery for Paxton Products maintenance parts like filters, tensioners as well as installation accessories.

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Paxton Products Repair Service

Whether for regular maintenance or repair, Rogers Machinery offers Paxton Products repair service performed by our highly qualified in-house technicians. We use Paxton Products parts to keep your Paxton Products blowers and air delivery system operating at their highest efficiency. Contact Rogers Machinery for any Paxton Products repair needs.

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Paxton Products Applications and Industries

Paxton Products are used across a wide variety of industries, including:

Bottling & Canning

Food Processing & Packaging

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Craft Brewing

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Pharm, Medical & Nutra

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Industrial Products

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Electronics & Solar


Paxton Videos

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