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Parker Finite Filter Vessels | CA, GA, ID, MT, OR, TX, UT, WA

As a stocking distributor of Finite Filters, Rogers Machinery offers expertise with a wide range of Filters. Since 1999, Rogers Machinery engineers have provided Parker Finite compressed air filters in California, Georgia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

Parker Finite, a leading provider of innovative filtration technologies globally, is part of the Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division of Parker Hannifin. Parker Hannifin is a diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems.

Parker Finite Filtration Line Overview

Rogers Machinery provides expert knowledge and selection assistance for Parker Finite’s portfolio of high efficiency coalescing filters. Parker Finite compressed air filters include the H Series and ASME Series high efficiency coalescing filters. As a Parker Finite distributor, Rogers Machinery specializes in helping you find the right filtration solution for your needs, with a selection of Parker Finite filters in stock.


High Efficiency Coalescing Filters

In general, coalescing filtration operates by agglomerating aerosols into larger droplets as they pass through the fiber matrix of the filter element. Eventually the droplets become large enough that they can be drained away by gravity.

Coalescing filters are designed to remove submicronic oil, water and solid contamination under 2 um in size from compressed air. Standard nominal 5 micron inline filters are not sufficient for those critical applications because their lowest particle removal limit is 2μm.

Coalescing filters are ideal for:

  • Protecting sensitive instrumentation and equipment from malfunction and damage
  • Removing submicronic liquid contaminants, including oil and water
  • Removing submicronic particulate contaminants, including rust, dust, and pipe scale
H Series Parker Particulate Separator

H Series Parker Coalescing Finite Filter

H Series coalescing filters feature UNI-CAST formed elements to allow lower pressure drop and reduce frequency of changeouts.

Parker Finite H Series high efficiency coalescing filters are available for:

  • Temperatures up to 450 degrees F
  • Pressures up to 500 PSIG
  • Connection sizes from ¼” to 3”
  • Flows ranging from 10 to 1660 SCFM

H Series Parker Particulate Separator

H Series Particulate Separators filters feature a strong inner retainer to allow for low pressures and are designed to remove high levels of dirt when a relatively fine pore structure is required.

Parker Finite H Series high efficiency coalescing filters are available for:

  • Rating of 3 micron
  • Can be used as a prefilter for coalescing filter where a lot of solid contamination exists
  • Pleated Cellulose element
H Series Parker Particulate Separator
H Series Parker Water Separator

H Series Parker Water Separator

H Series coalescing water separator filters feature ID and OD metal retainers for an extremely robust design elements to reduce and eliminate excess liquids in gas streams.

Parker Finite H Series high efficiency water separator filters are available for:

  • Rating of 100 micron
  • Can be used as a prefilter for coalescing grades 6 and 10
  • Rolled stainless steel mesh

H Series Parker Absorption Filter

H Series Absorption Separators filters are designed to remove odor, smell or taste of compressor lube oil from breathing air. They feature a strong inner retainer to allow for low pressures.

Parker Finite H Series high efficiency coalescing filters are available for:

  • Strong inner retainer
  • Ultra-fine grained, highly concentrated, activated carbon sheet media
H Series Parker Absorption Filter



ASME Series Parker Finite Compressed Air Filters

ASME Parker Finite filter vessels are designed for large sump capacities and large exit cavities, maximizing performance at low differential pressure.

ASME vessels:

  • Are stamped “U”
  • Conform to ASME Section VIII
  • Have flow capacities up to 37,000 SCFM
  • Are available in for high temperature or pressure and optional materials of construction


Parker Finite Vessel Products


Parker Finite Filter Vessel Parts

Rogers Machinery has multiple locations throughout the Northwest offering Parker Finite filters and parts. We stock an inventory of genuine Parker Finite coalescing filters and accessories for regular maintenance needs.

We can assist with selecting the exact Parker Finite compressed air filter to fit your application needs.

The correct high efficiency coalescing filter depends on:

  • Application
  • Media grade
  • End seal material required
  • Housing
  • Accessories (standard or application specific)

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Parker Finite Applications and Industries

Parker Finite Coalescing filters are widely used in industries that require clean compressed air free from both solid particulate contamination and liquid aerosols, including applications in:

slide image

Food Processing

slide image

Food Packaging/Beverage Bottling

slide image


slide image

Health Care

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slide image

Plastic Blow Molding

slide image

Spray Painting/Powder Coating

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Parker Finite Videos


Compressed Air Standards and Applications

Notifications as specified in ISO-8573- 1
Compressor speification