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Compressed Air for the Power Generation Industry

With demand for reliable power ever increasing, the power generation industry has an expanding need for clean, reliable compressed air. At the same time, power generation is challenged to adapt to industry regulations with new processes to reduce carbon dioxide and harmful emissions. A clean, reliable source of compressed air makes power generation processes run efficiently, with minimal maintenance.

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Considerations for Power Generation Compressed Air Solutions

Reducing downtime helps power generation plants keep up with demand. Smooth operation requires a compressed air system designed for easy on-site maintenance, with volume flows and pressure ranges tailored to the requirements of the power generation plant. An air compressor with long operating life and minimal maintenance translates into lower overall operating costs as well. A reliable source of compressed air provides the clean and consistent air supply needed to keep the power plant online.

Compressed air systems play a role in many power generation applications. Compressors remove sulfur dioxide from exhaust (flue gas desulfurization), ease conveying and material handling, and govern air operated control valves and cylinders. Compressed air may also be used in power generation for starting and purging air, cooling turbines, nitrous oxide (NOx) treatment, removing fuel residues, fuel gas boosting, desulphurization, and soot blowing. Each application of compressed air in power generation brings an opportunity to reduce downtime and increase overall power generation efficiency.

Air compressors are a key component of power generation, and Rogers Machinery offers expertise in solution development. When oil and moisture free air is required, Rogers Machinery offers compressed air systems that meet specifications for ISO 8573-1 class 0 oil-free air. When clean, reliable compressed air systems are necessary for power generation, Rogers Machinery delivers.

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Increase the Energy Efficiency of your Compressed Air System

Compressed air is useful for many reasons; however, it is expensive to produce. The total cost of ownership should be a factor when dealing with a compressed air system.


Why Oil-Free Air?

There is an old adage which is also a law of physics; what goes in will eventually come out. This applies to compressor lubricant in oil-flooded rotary screw compressors.


Kobelco KNW Series compressors provide versatile oil free air for the power generation industry. In addition, Rogers Machinery provides solutions for the power generation industry from a number of leading brands that specialize in compressed air, vacuum, and pumping for power generation applications.

  • Busch vacuum pumps, side channel blowers and compressors bring energy efficient vacuum supply to processes like condenser exhausting, turbine gland steam removal, priming and holding.
  • SPX Flow's technology provides products – Filters and Mist Eliminators – to help preserve compressed air equipment used in power generation processes.
  • FS Elliott centrifugal compressors deliver reliable compressed air to minimize downtime for the power generation industry.
  • Parker nitrogen generation products are used throughout the power generation industry from production in oil and gas wells to transmission at power plants.


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