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Heavy Duty, Two-Stage Air End Design

40-500 Horsepower / 172 - 2400 ACFM

Heavy duty oil-free compression module, the heart of the compressor’s reliability and performance

Proven Technology

Over 65 years of field experience in all industries has proven that KOBELCO KNW Series rotary screw design is the preferred choice for reliability, energy efficiency and serviceability

Superior Monitoring Systems

The most advanced control and monitoring systems available

The Kobelco KNW Series oil-free rotary screw air compressor uses an Allen Bradley programmable controller to control and monitor compressor operation. Operations include controlled sequential starting and stopping, pressure control, and protection from conditions that could damage the compressor. Pilot lights, viewable from a distance, are provided for indication of operating conditions. An audible alarm is provided for alarm annunciation. Push buttons are provided for specific control functions, allowing continued compressor operation in the event that the terminal is off-line.

The HMI terminal is an LCD graphic display with touch screen. The HMI terminal shows operating conditions, pressures and temperatures. Messages are sent to direct the operator for service, pre-alarms, and alarms, and will be shown when necessary. Required settings for pressure control, temperature alarms, and control time delays are viewable and may be modified using the touch screen. The HMI terminal will automatically “dim” to a sleep condition if inactive, and awakens on any touch contact. A universal communication module is also available to handle virtually any Ethernet or Serial driver. They can be designed according to customer preference. The VFD data, if applicable, including KW, amps, hertz and rpm.

The USB through door port is provided below the HMI. Also included is an SD memory card. Both provide the ability to download data loggers, alarm history, compressor status report, and the daily report from the HMI. These files can then be opened using Microsoft Excel. External memory (USB, SD) provides the ability to update or modify the existing HMI project.

Compressor pressure and temperatures are monitored using smart sensor technology and I/O link communication. Real time pressure and temperature values are displayed on the HMI. Pressure and temperature trends are also on the HMI. All values are also available for remote monitoring. I/O link is specifically designed for communication with smart sensors and allows detailed diagnostics of sensor health.

Pre and Post Lubrication of Gears & Bearings

Heavy Duty Input Bull Gear Design

Capacity Control: Fixed Speed or VFD

Highly Efficient Cooling System

Kobelco KNW Series water-cooled models feature highly efficient, removable, copper tube bundles. Internal turbulators provide optimum heat transfer with minimal pressure drop. Shells are made of carbon or optional stainless steel with an ASME stamp. Water-cooled models include a thermostatic valve on the intercooler and an automatic shut-off valve on the cooling water inlet. Air is inside of the tubes and water is in the shell.

Air-cooled heat exchangers are made of heavy-duty aluminum with a special coating and are designed for all published operating conditions. Kobelco KNW Series air-cooled models include a thermostatic mixing valve to insure proper oil temperature in changing ambient temperatures.

All water and air-cooled models have oversized moisture separators with automatic drains for maximum efficiency.