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Rogers Machinery Company, Inc. has designed and built a testing facility in the Centralia, Washington production plant that measures and verifies the performance of the complete line of high quality direct-driven, low-speed rotary screw compressors. The testing program is called, “Compressor Performance Certification Program.”
  • Industry leading: Not satisfied with periodic spot-checking - Each variable speed and fixed speed air compressor manufactured by Rogers Machinery Company, Inc. is tested to verify that the compressor assembly performs as specified.
  • Functional testing: Performed by observing the function of electronic and pneumatic controls, mechanical and safety shutdown devices throughout the compressor’s operating range to ensure the customer gets the highest quality product.
  • Power Measurements: Total package power and optional cooling fan power are measured throughout the test. The test data is compared to catalog values to verify that the power consumption is within the specified range.
  • Flow Testing: Flow is measured according to ISO 9300:2005(E), Measurement of gas flow by means of critical flow Venturi nozzles. Test results are computed per ISO 1217 (Annex C) and compared to catalog values. ISO 1217 (Annex C) Acceptance Test Code for Electrically Driven Packaged Displacement Air Compressors is the basis for CAGI/PNEUROP PN2CPTC2 tests.
  • Validation/Certification: Procedures and equipment have been validated and certified by an independent engineering and testing firm. Calibration is done on a prescribed basis to maintain the accuracy and certification of the system.
  • Confidence for energy saving projects: Many compressors today are sold with the expectation of energy savings. Some manufacturers promise great savings, Rogers delivers with conservative, engineered studies and certified, high efficiency solutions for every project.

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