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The COVID-19 situation is evolving rapidly; in the past few days, states like Oregon and Washington have issued “stay at home” orders and many essential products are in short supply. We were reminded yesterday by one of our customers at a hospital just how important of a role we play as this crisis unfolds.

“The role that Rogers Machinery plays in providing parts and services to our various compressed air and vacuum systems is invaluable. As the manager of a hospital, I can say that any disruption in service or our ability to get parts puts the patients in our hospital in extreme risk, and this is especially true for our KNW medical air system. Many of the medical devices that our health care providers depend on to provide care require that our medical air and vacuum systems operate reliably 24/7. Our life safety systems depend on compressed air to keep fire dampers open which in turn ensure that we have adequate ventilation to keep the air in our hospitals clean. Our sterile processing, cancer treatment, and medical imaging systems depend on compressed air to operate various components that are essential if health care providers are to continue providing the level of care needed.”

We understand that our work is critical to the operation of essential businesses around the nation. Our friends, families and neighbors can't get the food, drugs and other products they need without the manufacturers of those products having functioning compressed air systems.  Hospitals and laboratories depend on us for servicing their systems.  Compressed air is known as “the fourth utility”.  This is why we will continue to provide 24/7 support to our customers. We intend to do our best to serve all these customers and protect our employees.

To protect our employees, we have implemented several precautious measures including increased sanitation practices, social distancing standards, remote work and meetings required when feasible, limiting visits by non-employees to our facilities and providing information to our employees about best practices. As this crisis evolves, we are adjusting to it and keeping our core values of commitment to customers, honesty, safety and community in mind.  Please feel free to reach out to your local Rogers branch with your questions or needs.

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