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Viking Pumps Engineered for Grease Applications

Viking Pumps designed for grease are used for varying grease applications:

  • Unloading the raw materials of grease manufacturing from railcars or other transport to bulk storage
  • Batch metering the component materials to stirred, jacketed reactors in batch processes
  • Continuous metering components in continuous processes, and transfer of finished product to packaging

Common Grease additives can include:

  • Petroleum or synthetic oils as a dispersion medium
  • Soaps or other thickeners as dispersed phase
  • Antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, and anti-wear agents to provide specific properties required for the grease application.
  • Jacketed pumps may be used for soap oil concentrates, which must be heated to over 200°C for high-temperature greases.

Generally, mixtures of a mineral oil with one or more metallic soaps; the most common are those of sodium, calcium, barium, aluminum, lead, lithium, potassium, and zinc. The texture of grease may be smooth, buttery, ropy, fibrous, spongy, or rubbery. Viscosities range greatly. However, grease is extremely shear sensitive. Typically flow is aided by a follower-plate on the supply tank.

Suggested Grease Pumps


  • Cast Iron
  • O-Pro Barrier™ seal to virtually eliminate leaking& mess associated with traditional packed pumps
  • Capacities to 400 GPM


  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • O-Pro™ Guard seal
  • Capacities to 335 GPM

SG Series

  • Cast Iron
  • Accurate metering of low viscosity additives
  • Pressures >200 PSI
  • Capacities to 190 GPM

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[1] Information Source:  Viking Pump

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