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Since 2012, Talen Energy has been a loyal and valued customer of Rogers Machinery. Our first opportunity and project with Talen’s coal-fired power plant in Colstrip, Montana, was providing the best solution for a plant and instrument air upgrade for power Units 3 & 4. The compressed air system providing service to these turbines consisted of five (qty. 5) 350 horsepower (roughly 1700 scfm( standard cubic feet per meter)) centrifugal compressors and four (qty. 4) 900 scfm blower purge dryers. The power plants rely heavily on the use of compressed air to generate and sell electricity, capacity and related products. 


During the process of upgrading the plant and instrument air compressors that service power plant Units 3 & 4, Talen noticed a few air compressors that needed to be replaced due to age and extremely expensive overhauls. Without dependable oil-free compressors, parts, and service, the plant would be at risk of losing up to $1 million per day if they lost power. 

After being approached by a Rogers resident sales professional from Montana, Talen selected our team to find a solution that was more maintenance friendly, energy efficient, and cost effective, and would prevent the plant from losing power.

Originally, Talen wanted to replace a quantity of five centrifugal compressors and service the other equipment. Talen discovered the overhauling costs of the original air compressors for repair were extensive and they were hoping Rogers could provide a more cost-efficient solution. During communication with Rogers, they discovered that they were missing out on opportunities to save energy and optimize their use of compressed air. 


The engineering team from Rogers Machinery immediately started to design a customized solution that would optimize Talen's use of compressed air and in some areas, save energy. Due to the expansion of the coal power plant, there were multiple opportunities to upgrade Talen's compressed air systems for optimization throughout the campus.

Original power plant Units1 & 2 replaced three of the four original lubricant injected rotary screw compressors with three oil-free (150 HP) Rogers KNW1 water-cooled units. Power plant units 3 & 4 replaced all five of the original machines with three (400 HP) Rogers KNW2 water-cooled, fixed speed and two Rogers KNW2 water-cooled, variable speed (all oil-free).

We were also able to replace the instrument air dryers servicing Units 3 & 4 with four Zeks 1000 scfm blower purge dryers. A Brine Concentrator was added to the campus and Talen selected two oil-free (100 HP) KNWA0 air cooled, variable speed (customer supplied) with a Zeks 400 scfm blower purge dryer. 

In the fabrication shop, Rogers replaced a 100 HP oil-flooded screw compressor with a lubricant injected (50 HP) Rogers QNW rotary screw compressor. In this case, we were able to meet the customer’s desire for a remote mounted aftercooler.

At the campus water treatment plant, an oil-flooded rotary screw was replaced with an oil-free (50 HP) Rogers KNWA0 and a Zeks 250 scfm heatless regenerative dryer.

The existing paste plant for power plant units 3 & 4 replaced their two 50 HP rotary screw compressor with two (50 HP) Rogers KI Series lubricant injected compressors. 

Talen also replaced a compressor for a dust suppression system with a (60 HP) KIV Series variable speed drive compressor, and they are currently building a new Paste Plant for power Units 3 & 4 for which they have purchased two (350 HP) oil-free Rogers KNWA2 air-cooled compressors.


Rogers implementation of oil-free air compressors allowed the plant to increase its air quality and lower operating costs. The additional modifications applied by Rogers, along with the use of VFD's, has boosted the plants use of electricity to reach efficiencies. 

Talen is extremely grateful for Rogers continued services and described their experience with Rogers by saying,

“Multiple KNW, KI, KIV, and QNW compressors in service since 2012. Rogers Machinery compressors and service have proven to be very reliable, cost effective, and well built. Rogers has been very willing to work with their customer on configurations.” 

Rogers values their customers and is always looking for ways to help them save money with greater water and energy efficiencies as well as provide unparalleled customer service for minimal production downtime.  

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