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Sauer - Typhoon Series Compressor

Sauer offers robust water-cooled compressors designed for air and nitrogen.

  • 150-1500 psi
  • 44.1-231.8 SCFM
  • 21.3-82.6 hp

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Product details


Item #

Operating Pressure Range

Flow Rate

Required Power



WP100150 to 450 psi44.1 to 65.1 SCFM21.3 to 31.7 hp2/2Air, Nitrogen
WP200150 to 450 psi70.9 to 110.3 SCFM31.4 to 53.1 hp2/2Air, Nitrogen
WP240150 to 450 psi86 to 133.6 SCFM38.8 to 65.4 hp2/2Air, Nitrogen
WP400150 to 450 psi153.3 to 231.8 SCFM63 to 109.3 hp2/3Air, Nitrogen
WP3100700 to 1500 psi98 to 125 SCFM60.3 to 82.6 hp3/3Air, Nitrogen

Typhoon Series Product Information


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