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There are many vacuum pump technologies out there and while many of them have a specific niche, there are also many overlaps in application which can make selecting the right equipment confusing. Understanding your plant performance needs is important in selecting the correct vacuum pump.

Applications where a Rogers KRVP Oil Lubricated Rotary Screw Vacuum Pump is exactly what you need

  • Tooling hold-down tables
  • Vacuum forming
  • Material holding during automated processing (can and bottle making, general parts conveying or hold down)
  • Medical vacuum
  • Food & Beverage packaging

With the ability to operate continuously from 15” HgV down to 29.9” HgV and with flow ranges between 139 to 1939 ACFM, Rogers KRVP oil lubricated rotary screw vacuum pump can cover a wide range of applications.

Rogers KRVP Vacuum Features

  • Air and water-cooled – provides flexibility to meet your needs
  • Standard with a starter or VFD – starter integrated into the package saves you time and money during install
  • Modulation or VFD control – holds precise vacuum levels. In addition, the robust VFD control design allows full speed operation at all operating pressures.
  • vGOAT microprocessor controller – visual indicators and a text display provides easy to read feedback and maintenance interval information
  • Inlet filtration in the package – saves space and money not having to add additional filtration unless necessary.
  • Economical – packaged more completely and with lower cost than typical for other technologies, so you can keep funds for other parts of your project
  • High efficiency – low power consumption across the range of operation

For many vacuum pump units, components that are included with a lubricated rotary screw can be provided separately at additional cost, so make sure you are comparing apples to apples and getting the performance and control features that will best suit the application.

When Is Oil-Free Preferred Over Oil Lubricated?

It is important to know that processes which ingest liquids or condensing gasses that are incompatible with the lubricant are not recommended. Specialized filtration can be added to reduce or eliminate these contaminants, but the cost of adding this filtration system may encourage you to consider a different technology, such as an oil-free vacuum pump.

At Rogers Machinery, we strive to help you find the right vacuum solution for your specific application. If a Rogers KRVP oil lubricated vacuum pump isn’t the right solution for your application, our engineered solutions team specializes in creating the ideal Rogers Vacuum System (RVS) solution for your unique application.

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Want more? Learn how an engineered vacuum system not only exceeded performance needs but also saved a high-tech company over $200k in energy & water costs. Read the case study.

Check out the Custom Solutions page for more information on the engineered systems we offer, get in touch with an expert, and have your questions answered.

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