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Problem:  Proper Glycol Pumping Avoids Product Degradation

De-Icing airplanes before take-off is a critical safety measure for airports.   Just before takeoff, jets are sprayed with a glycol-based de-icing mixture which had been pumped onto special utility vehicles. Complete reliability is required, as takeoff delays due to pump failures must be avoided in order to maintain tight flight schedules. 

Without a reliable de-icing process, winter weather and safe flying are not a sure combination. Ice on an aircraft’s wings or tail alters the aerodynamics and adds undesirable weight. Ice and snow falling off the plane can end up in the engines and even damage the tail. For fully loaded planes this can have severe consequences when taking off, making de-icing aircraft in winter essential.  SEEPEX pumps increase safety.

Solution: SEEPEX Pumps Increase Quality of Glycol De-Icing Application

The key ingredient, glycol, requires extremely careful treatment. The pumps have to minimize the shearing effects on glycol in order to avoid destroying its molecular structure. 

Winter after winter, SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps from the BN range dependably pump heated de-icing fluid from tanks into de-icing vehicles.

The design of the SEEPEX rotor and stator ensures proper handling of the glycol-containing agent, which is very gently moved through the chambers. The huge advantage is that the de-icing fluid sticks better to the aircraft body during takeoff.

SEEPEX low-shear pump for Glycol de-icing in the airplane industry

Benefits of SEEPEX Low-Shear Pumps

SEEPEX Pumps apply Glycol to the airplanes damage-free, contributing to airport operations reliability and safer flights.

SEEPEX pumps are an all-around reliable and cost-effective technology for airport winter operations.

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Information Source:  SEEPEX Case Studies

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